October 05 / 2017

For almost 2 years, we've been busy working together with Nicoleta Nagailic on MedicalTourism.Review.

MedicalTourism.Review (or MTR) - is a web platform that helps people connect to International Medical Service Providers around the world. This platform is basically what happens when TripAdvisor meets Medical Tourism Industry - it helps people find the right medical procedures, medical providers, SPAs, rehabs, clinics, medical travel agencies, insurance companies, etc. Patients can place reviews and rate their providers - thus sharing their experience to the world and helping thousands people in need.

We have helped our client develop the product, implement new features, maintain existing ones and adjust the platform according to the new needs.

The platform was built on Drupal 7 - it leverages a lot of contributed modules, but in the same time we have built several custom modules that fit exactly the needed requirements.

The platform is online and gets quite some traction. Feel free to check it out! If you'd like to reach out to the MTR team, here's a link.

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