October 05 / 2017

Things have changed: we've changed our team, our structure and our focus, but one thing didn't change, our values.

Team & Structure

We maintained our general-purpose team: we're doing design, development and marketing. But instead of having a classical office, we have shifted to a distributed team. Having a distributed team allows us to work on several markets in the same time, and doesn't bind us to a certain geographical location.

Our Focus

Although we have a general-purpose (or so called "full service digital agency") team - we are now focusing more on Drupal Dedicated Distributions (Products), Consultancy and Optimization.

Products take a lot of time and effort to develop - but we do have a lot of experience in this field as we've created several products for startups and governments.

Consultancy is an important aspect of our activity - we have consulted Development Gateway and worked together for several clients such as: Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) and AidData, and also worked together on such platforms as Aid Management Platform (AMP).

Our Values

In center of our universe remains Drupal and we're still focusing on quality code and Drupal-way approaches. Now that we have Drupal 8 on the market and many JavaScript frameworks become popular - we're also looking into decoupled Drupal solutions.

Keep in touch and stay tuned for more news, as we're back in business!

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